Every one of us is divinely created, filled with gifts and talents that combine to make us uniquely us. Jesus lived a full and perfect life, a life that centered around serving others. He outright told us that he came that we might have life to the full…and that life includes serving others! The question is not, “Can I make a difference?” but, “How will I make a difference?”

Here at ACC we offer plenty of opportunities for you to live the life of serving you desire.  If you’d like to usher, tell Bible stories, plant flowers, play games, encourage people, teach crafts, be artistic, play music, clean a kitchen, trim a tree, provide office administration, provide food for those who are in need… The opportunities are endless, as we are all unique! Don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Ron at the church office (925.754.3626) and find out how you can be connected in service to the ACC community and beyond!